Kavli NanoNeuro Fellows Program

Kavli  NanoNeuro  Fellowships

The Kavli NanoNeuro Fellows Program is a joint initiative by Cornell University’s Kavli Institute for Nanoscale Sciences (KIC) and Columbia University’s Kavli Institute for Brain Science (KIBS) to explore the interface between Nanoscience and Neuroscience, focusing on developing nanotools for the measurement, imaging, and manipulation of neural circuits. The Program aims to recruit a talented group of interdisciplinary postdoctoral fellows who will work at the intersection of both nanoscale science and neuroscience to conduct research that bridges two or more labs, with at least one at Columbia and one at Cornell. Fellows will be provided with independent funding and support to break down boundaries of the disciplines.

Criteria for Selection

Applications will be judged on the qualifications of the candidate, the quality and originality of the proposed research, and its suitability to the Kavli NanoNeuro Initiative mission. Approximately two fellowships will be awarded per year: one with a primary home at Columbia, and one at Cornell. Successful candidates will have the benefit of a visiting appointment at the non-home institute and have full access to the resources of both. All Fellows agree to put the Kavli NanoNeuro Initiative byline on all publications and presentations during their appointment.

A Kavli NanoNeuro Fellow application must have support from at least two faculty sponsors (one from Columbia and one from Cornell), as well as the pre-approval of a Kavli NanoNeuro executive committee member. The executive committee member need not be a sponsor, but they will play a role in overseeing the Fellow’s progress and helping to integrate them into the activities of the Kavli Institutes.

Application  Requirements

Candidate CV, including list of publications.

One-page description of proposed research: The proposal should have a major component focused on developing nano tools for the measurement and manipulation of neural circuits. At the top of the proposal, list the names of the Cornell and Columbia faculty sponsors, including the executive committee member. Applicants must consult with their Cornell and Columbia faculty sponsors before submitting any materials.

Letters of support from faculty sponsors at Cornell and Columbia. A single letter cosigned by multiple sponsors is acceptable.

Two additional general letters of recommendation (e.g. thesis advisor, collaborators).

Kavli NanoNeuro Executive  Committee

Paul McEuen, Cornell University (Co-director)

Rafael Yuste, Columbia University (Co-director)

Jesse Goldberg, Cornell University

Lena Kourkoutis, Cornell University

Michal Lipson, Columbia University

Wei Min, Columbia University

Al Molnar, Cornell University

Jonathan Owen, Columbia University

Ozgur Sahin, Columbia University

Kenneth Shepard, Columbia University

Chris Xu, Cornell University

Materials Due:  Applications accepted on rolling basis

Email PDF submission packet to Trisica Munroe (TDM68@cornell.edu)













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